Telastic On-Demand Services

Swivel chair operations. Big capital expenses on new equipment. Massive integration projects with legacy systems. Ongoing server maintenance. Long lead-times to market. Sound familiar?

Carriers and service providers historically have struggled with a vicious cycle of capital availability and cash flow as their service grows while trying to maintain efficient and timely delivery of services to their customer base, all while striving to manage service quality to meet customer expectations and compete with new entrants in the sea-change that VoIP represents.

Enter Telastic from Pac-West Telecomm. Telastic is Telecom On-Demand - delivering real-time telecom services with cloud scalability, pay-as-you-grow pricing, and flexible delivery options. Telastic products harness the power of cloud computing so you can unite disparate systems, rapidly grow your product line or efficiently scale your business. Telastic’s carrier-grade building blocks include network components, operational systems, and white-label applications that can be delivered as fully-managed, self-managed or infrastructure application services.

Telastic delivers three primary components:

  • Telastic Session Boarder Controller: Provides a full suite of operator tools for managing IP-based communications traffic. Leveraging Pac-West’s new hosted Session Border Control technology, this service includes granular least-cost routing capability, rating, billing, vendor management, revenue protection, numbers management, CDR generation, fraud control, and a unique embedded VoIP peering capability for instant interconnection.

  • Telastic Virtual Machines: Provides instant capacity for your communications applications, leveraging Telastic’s cutting-edge virtualization service technology and optimized for real-time communications up and down the stack. Includes providing electronic storage of data to easily choose phone numbers, provision them, and route them to applications automatically.

  • Telastic White-Label Hosted VoIP: Leveraging Telastic’s optimized communications environment, this provides a scalable and comprehensive packaged VoIP and PBX feature platform for white-label hosted IP/PBX and residential VoIP offerings.

Telastic Diagram

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