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Social Responsibility

Corporate Governance and Business Ethics

Evolving, committed and creative.

Our framework supports strong oversight of environmental, social and governance issues. We believe effective corporate governance is essential to sustaining our performance and long-term success. Our robust and effective governance framework and practices support ethical conduct, sound decision-making and compliance with the laws and regulations that apply to us. The high standards we set for ourselves supports a commitment to conduct all business operations responsibly. We embrace high standards of corporate governance that align with applicable legal, regulatory and NASDAQ requirements as well as evolving best practices.

Recognizing that good governance starts with our Board of Directors, many of our policies and practices focus on our Board itself, including its size, composition, independence, director nomination process, ongoing education and effectiveness. We encourage you to review our Corporate Governance Guidelines, which help ensure we have the knowledge, experience and diversity that is critically important for an independent Board of Directors to operate effectively.

Integrity, transparency and accountability.

It is essential for us to set and uphold the highest standards in all we do. Our business is built on our reputation and the trust and the confidence our customers and stakeholders have placed in us. Count on us to consistently demonstrate responsible behavior, aligned with our values and Code of Business Conduct and Ethics.This approach results in positive outcomes for all of those who depend on us, and helps us to identify risks, assess opportunities and manage our business successfully. 

Review PacWest Bancorp's Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Business Ethics

Whistleblower Program

We have a company-wide whistleblower program, administered by a third party, so any behavior or business practice that does not meet our high standards can be reported by our employees, anonymously and confidentially. It can then be appropriately escalated and addressed as necessary.