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Business Credit Cards

Streamline operations and earn cashback.

Take advantage of our contactless Business Credit Card to help streamline operations, scale your business and improve control over expenses.  Benefits include no annual fee and no foreign currency conversion fee. Our program provides consolidated real-time account views and flexible cardholder controls. Plus, earn cashback on all transactions. 

Simple and Secure

Designed for Business

Issue unlimited cards with flexible spending limits and transaction controls for each cardholder. Set alerts to get instant communication on activity. Our portal also provides real-time access to card transactions across your company.

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PWB Credit Card

Seamless Integration

Automatically sync transactions with Concur, Expensify, QuickBooks and other software seamlessly for efficient expense management and reconciliation.

Contactless Use

Our contactless cards provide a faster way to pay securely and conveniently. Simply tap your card at any point of sale device displaying the contactless logo.

Mobile Wallet

You can load your PWB card into ApplePay®, GooglePay™, or Samsung Pay® for another way to pay securely. Mobile wallet is accepted in-store and online by many vendors. 

Fraud Protection

Purchase with confidence knowing PWB utilizes industry-leading security features to safeguard your account. From real-time alerts to keep you informed of activity, virtual cards to mask account details, and 3D Secure technology to protect you online, we work to defend your business from fraudulent charges. Validate transactions via SMS (U.S. only) or email.

New Capabilities

PWB Virtual Cards

PWB Virtual Card offers a new way to manage card payments. Create, send and manage virtual cards for all your business needs through our convenient mobile app or desktop. Virtual cards bring added control and flexibility to how you use your company's credit card program.

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Empower Your Workforce

Create virtual cards on demand and distribute them to anyone who needs to make purchases on behalf of the company.

Enhanced Controls

Set dollar amounts and timeframes in which the card is valid. Merchants receive a virtual card number instead of a real card number used for billing, reducing risk for both buyer and supplier.

Drive Operational Efficiency

Easy to use and enriched data, PWB Virtual Card helps you streamline spending and expense processes.