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Business Banking

Disbursement Services

Find every opportunity to improve your cash flow.

Managing cash flow is critical to running a successful business. We can help you do it efficiently and intelligently with a range of services designed with you in mind. Electronic payments like ACH and other automated platforms, bill pay, credit and debit cards offer added convenience and security.  

Disbursement Services

ACH/AP Automation Platform

ACH Credit settles transactions faster and more securely. Use it to provide direct deposits to vendors and employees.

ACH Debit allows you to schedule deposits into your account. It offers more convenience to your customers and pays you faster. It also can reduce processing costs and simplify account reconciliation.

Commercial Bill Pay

Our commercial bill pay solutions offer several benefits, including multi-user access, ability to schedule recurring or one-time payments and user-level segregation of duties. Save time and paper while lowering costs.

Credit Card

Take advantage of a true corporate Mastercard® that will help you streamline operations, reduce administrative costs and improve control over your expenses. No annual fee, automated expense tracking, preset purchase limits and more make this an easy choice for your business. 

Wire Transfer

Wire transfer is the safest, fastest way to shift funds from one location to another, in virtually any country or currency. You can initiate a wire through online banking, whether you’re sending wires domestically or internationally. Online banking reduces outgoing wire costs and employs strict user security protocols to safeguard your transactions.

Integrated Payables
Streamline Payments

Integrated Payables

Take control of your accounts payable with PWB Integrated Payables. Connect Integrated Payables with your ERP system to automate manual processes, reduce costs and proactively manage risk.

Learn more about Integrated Payables.