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Business Banking

Fraud Prevention

Protect your business from fraud.

We take account security seriously and offer different services to help protect your business from fraudulent activity. Early detection and prevention are key to minimizing risk. Speak to a local banker to learn more about adding safeguards to your business accounts. 

Positive Pay

Reduce check fraud risk with the automated detection tool, Positive Pay. Use one of three offered solutions to verify data from checks presented for payment. Discrepancies are flagged, then you decide whether to pay or return the item. 

  • Positive Pay: You send us a file of checks issued, and we electronically compare each check presented to the data in your file (number and amount).
  • Payee Positive Pay: This adds one more step to the process described above, and we also verify payee information for each check.
  • Reverse Positive Pay: This option eliminates the need for you to provide an electronic file of checks. Instead, we issue you a file of the checks present daily. You then review and decide which ones to pay and return anything suspicious.  

Electronic Payment Authorization

Electronic payment authorization is an ACH filtering service that allows you to tell us in advance which third parties have authorization to debit your account(s). Additional layers of security allow you to place controls on the amount and the period of time in which debits are accepted. 

Account Notifications

Establish email or mobile alerts regarding account activity, including balance notifications, deposits, withdrawals, online access and more. 

Reminder: Pacific Western Bank will never contact you to ask for an account or card number, password or PIN. Please call 800.350.3557 to report suspicious activity. 
Business Email Compromise (BEC)
Protect your business

Business Email Compromise (BEC)

Be aware of a specific method of wire fraud known as BEC or C-Suite email fraud that continues to increase in popularity. 

Learn more about BEC (PDF)