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Business Banking

Trade Finance

Pacific Western Bank can help you manage risks and costs by leveraging our experience and global relationships. We can provide payment risk mitigation through export letters of credit and documentary collections, creative solutions for your unique trade needs and enhanced vendor relationships with import letters of credit and documentary collections.

Whether through the terms of a letter of credit or on the basis of a trade transaction alone, Pacific Western Bank can provide financing terms to cover your trade transaction.

Pacific Western Bank can issue a Standby Letter of Credit for numerous purposes, including bid and performance bonds, advance payment/payment guarantees, lease agreements, workers’ compensation, open account sales, tender offers and loan collateral.

Pacific Western Bank can issue an Import Letter of Credit on your company’s behalf, providing assurance that your goods will be shipped as you intended—before you pay.

An Export Letter of Credit provides you as an exporter a high level of assurance that you will be paid for goods and services provided to a buyer. Pacific Western Bank can assist you in receiving payment for your goods or services.

In the event that you are required to issue a guarantee in a foreign country, Pacific Western Bank stands ready to assist you. By working with our dedicated partner banks, we can have a guarantee issued to fulfill your needs.

When your company is dealing with a known and trusted supplier, Pacific Western Bank’s Import Documentary Collections offer a quick and easy way to reduce risk.

Pacific Western Bank’s Export Documentary Collection will enable you to facilitate payment from your buyers relatively simply and cost-effectively. You maintain control over the delivery of your goods until payment or a promise of payment has been received from your buyer.