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HOA Services

Streamlined Payment Processing

Customized processing to meet your needs.

Our customized solutions, designed exclusively for your industry make the collection process seamless. Our integrated experience, powered by Smartstreet® technology captures information for all your electronic, paper checks and online payments while depositing the funds into your association's bank accounts effortlessly. We actively integrate with most of the industry's accounting systems through our API technology to provide an end-to-end collection, processing and posting process. Your homeowner's assessment payments are handled on an integrated basis, minimizing the need for human capital. 

Capture multiple payment types
HOA Services

Capture multiple payment types

  • A single, consolidated deposit made to your associations for all payment types
  • Images for viewing of all homeowner check payments and check deposits
  • Access to funds on the second business day after deposit
  • Scanning for depositing checks remotely
  • Ability to research payments and apply exception processing online
  • Schedule and execute ACH transactions
  • Web-based ACH application
  • Ability for homeowners to pay assessments by paper check, eCheck, credit card or online bill pay