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Lending Solutions

Aviation Finance

Use our knowledge to your advantage.

We specialize in providing loans to airlines, lessors and investors, structuring both recourse and non-recourse solutions to meet your needs. Whether you need to acquire or refinance, we deliver the customized financing solutions that help you achieve your business objectives.

Pricing Structure

Providing floating and fixed-rate solutions based on structure, credit advance.

Asset Type

Mid-life aircraft, typical vintage 3 to 25 years, both passenger and freighter, and jet or turbo-prop.

Loan Size

Deal size from $5 million to $50 million, typically with balloons.

“We have done business with Harold and the Commercial Aviation Group for several years. He works quickly and is flexible, achieving financings that create a win-win situation for both Aviator and Pacific Western.”

— Hugo Reiter, Principal, Aviator Capital Management, LLC
In-House Expertise

Proven Results

Our in-house team has over 25 years of experience in the aviation finance and leasing industry. We’re ready and willing to help you reach your business goals efficiently.

Let's Connect

Harold Kugelman

Managing Director
Aviation Finance
Chicago, IL

“We worked with Harold to develop a financing facility for the acquisition, conversion and maintenance of several 737-400 to freighter. Our term-out facility gave us the flexibility to complete conversion and maintenance and get our aircraft into service.”

— Mark O’Kelly, Chief Financial Officer, ASL