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A Message from our President and CEO

Matthew P. Wagner

I am pleased to share the immediate steps Pacific Western Bank has taken to combat racism and inequality. We recognize that sustainable change will take time; however, it is important that our Bank take immediate action to contribute to that change today.

First, let me reiterate our commitment to increase the diversity of our management and leadership teams, specifically with respect to African Americans and people of color. This has been an ongoing initiative, but current events have added urgency to our efforts. We are actively working on ways to expand our recruitment, retention and development of diverse talent in leadership. 

In addition, we have made immediate monetary donations to the following organizations that advance social, educational and economic equality for African Americans and persons of color throughout the country, these organizations include:

Simultaneously, we are actively working with our CRA team to strengthen Pacific Western Bank’s support for community programs that serve African American youth.

Finally, the Bank is providing opportunities for open employee discussion on the topic of racism and inequality, led by our Diversity & Inclusion team. Our Employees are being given the opportunity, during working hours to participate in virtual sessions to ask questions, share their personal experiences, and listen to one another in an effort to expand collective understanding. 

At Pacific Western Bank we view this as a time to come together as colleagues for our clients—for each other and for the communities we serve.

Matthew P. Wagner
President & CEO
PacWest Bancorp & Pacific Western Bank