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A Message from our President and CEO

Matthew P. Wagner

Since early June, with employee feedback and input, our Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) team has been working on next steps in formulating our road map to creating a more diverse workforce and strengthening our culture of inclusion. Immediate steps are already in progress, while the impact of others will be seen as we continue to enhance our strategy moving forward.

We plan to expand our D&I initiatives and work to address the needs of all our employees. Some of our enhanced offerings will include: 

  • Providing ongoing training for existing leaders on inclusive interviewing and unconscious bias. 
  • Creating opportunities for employees to engage with colleagues from across the bank to connect and learn.
  • Actively sharing our organization’s diversity and inclusion data.
  • Being intentional and proactive with recruiting diverse employees at the professional, managerial and senior leadership levels.
  • Hosting virtual town halls and other events to share senior leadership perspectives.
  • Taking steps to enhance Pacific Western Bank’s employer brand so that we increase our reach and show up as a destination for top talent. 
  • Reimagining our internship program and developing a comprehensive plan to reach diverse college students, graduates and alumni.

In addition, we have made monetary donations to the following organizations that advance social, educational and economic equality for African Americans and persons of color throughout the country, these organizations include:

We are also actively working with our CRA team to strengthen Pacific Western Bank’s support for community programs that serve African American youth.

We appreciate that you are on this journey with us. Employee and client input helps us stay connected to how we can make PWB a stronger organization. We welcome meaningful input, referrals and continued participation as we all move forward, together.

Matthew P. Wagner
President & CEO
PacWest Bancorp & Pacific Western Bank