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Save time and money with a 100% digital payment solution that integrates seamlessly with your current process.

Embrace digital payments today

PWB eChecks saves you significant time and money and reduces fraud risk compared to paper checks. Free to sign up, eChecks makes it easy to send digital payments in seconds anytime, anywhere or use Print+Mail to send high-security check payments. 

Features & Benefits

Focus on your business, not on payments

Reduce time and costs

Create and send digital payments in a fraction of the time — and at less than half the cost of sending paper checks. Run thousands of checks within minutes* without ever buying paper checks or wasting money on postage.

Make secure payments

Proprietary stamps allow financial institutions to verify the authenticity of each eCheck. Patented technology protects paper checks against forged signatures, alterations and counterfeiting. 

Easy integration

PWB eChecks integrates seamlessly into your current process — issue payments via the platform, imported CSV files or the QuickBooks connection.

Simultaneous remittance data

Include detailed, freeform remittance information for many payment types, such as accounts payable, medical, payroll or insurance claims. You can also attach documents to accompany your payment.

Create permission levels

Assign who can access your account and delegate what functions they can perform — create checks, sign checks, etc.

Go green

Send checks via email and use less paper on envelopes and checks.

How does it work?

  1. Sign up for PWB eChecks and access via Online Banking.
  2. Enter payment details, remittance and attachments in the platform, upload a file or use the QuickBooks connection. Select eCheck to email a payment or Print+Mail to send out a printed check on your behalf.
  3. If using an eCheck, the recipient is notified of payment via email, views remittance data and chooses their deposit method — either electronically or printed. If Print+Mail, the recipient receives their check payment with remittance data in the mail.

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