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Treasury Management

Credit cards

Optimize your working capital and enhance the way you manage your business expenses with the control, convenience and flexibility of our business credit card.

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Business Mastercard

Designed for business

Take advantage of our business credit card for travel, purchasing, or vendor services. Benefit from simplified expense reconciliation and reporting.  Plus, earn cash back on all purchases with no annual fee and no foreign currency conversion fee.

Streamline business payments and expense management

Manage cards online

Get real-time access to card transactions across your company and create alerts for instant notification. Set spending limits and transaction controls for each cardholder.

Integrate seamlessly

Automatically sync transactions with Concur, Expensify, QuickBooks and other software for efficient expense management and reconciliation.

Pay with ease

Load your PWB credit card into Apple Pay®, Google Pay™, or Samsung Pay® to enjoy the convenience of mobile wallet in store and online, or tap your card at the point of sale device to enjoy the speed of contactless payment. Take advantage of our virtual card to capture the ultimate flexibility in business spend control.

Pay securely

Defend your business from fraudulent charges using industry-leading security features such as real-time alerts, virtual cards to mask account details and 3D Secure technology to protect you online. Validate transactions via SMS (U.S. only) or email.

PWB Virtual Card

Get more from your credit card

With PWB Virtual Card, you have a new way to manage card payments. Create, send and manage virtual cards for all your business needs through a convenient mobile app or on your desktop.

Virtual card

Key virtual card features

Empower your workforce

Send virtual cards to anyone, anywhere, so they can make purchases on behalf of your business.

Create dynamic controls and rules

Set spending limits, expiration dates and auto-refill rules. Reduce risk by sending merchants a virtual card number instead of a real card number.

Manage approvals and budgets

Approve, modify or cancel virtual cards on demand. Assign team members a budget to issue virtual cards.

Drive operational efficiency

Streamline spending and expense processes with easy-to-use and enriched data.

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