Master your cash flow

Send and receive payments efficiently and intelligently with a custom range of services designed to support your business. Increase convenience and security with electronic transfers.

ACH payments & collections

Process payments with ease and certainty

Avoid expensive and inefficient check payments with ACH, whether sending to employees and vendors or receiving from customers.

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Streamline payments

  • Send and collect payments electronically using account instructions.
  • Use templates in Online Banking for Business for recurring payments and collections and schedule them for ease and automation.
  • If your AP or AR systems produce a file, process it via file upload or direct transmission.
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Proactive risk management

  • Use approval tiers and separation of duties to strengthen your processes.
  • Access transaction return reports to manage situations where your receiver’s account is closed, invalid or does not have sufficient funds to cover a payment.
  • Reduce reliance on paper checks.
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Same-day ACH

  • Improve liquidity and flexibility to make unexpected payments up to $1,000,000.
  • Process payments same-day to support emergency or planned payroll.
  • Incentivize your customers through same-day invoice payments.
  • Move funds from another bank to your PWB account the same day.
Cross-Border Payments & Collections

International ACH

Need to collect a payment from a customer located in Canada? Need to pay a trade partner or vendor in Canada or Mexico? Leverage international ACH as a cost-effective option to send or receive USD or CAD transactions or send MXP payments.

Wire Transfers

Send payments with confidence

Wire transfers are the fastest way to send funds from one location to another in virtually any country or currency. Send domestic or international wires and manage incoming wire activity via PWB Online Banking for Business.

Send funds fast & secure

  • Send domestic wires before the wire cutoff time, and funds are available the same day.
  • Track your transactions every step of the way.

Get flexible & convenient options

  • Use templates for your organization’s most common transactions.
  • Leverage future-dated and recurring transactions.
  • Send foreign wires in USD or available local currencies and take advantage of favorable exchange rates.

Proactively manage your risk

  • Leverage approval tiers and separation of duties to protect your payments.
  • Deploy a safer option for large payments versus paper checks or ACH.

Streamline your payments

  • Connect your wire origination with your ERP system.
  • Your software partner can send files directly to us, saving you time and effort.

Need to send a foreign currency wire?

If you need to send a foreign currency wire transfer, explore our international banking services.

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